Our History

Manufacturing started in Camden with a number of sawmills, planing mills, grist mills, and other small factories along Mad River, Little River, and the West Branch of Fish Creek. The first foundry was built in 1832 for the manufacturing of iron plows and farm tools. One of the chief articles of manufacture in the community was turbine water wheels which were sold throughout the nation. The Camden Knitting Company was active about 1900 and employed some 200 people in the manufacture of women's and children's wear. The F.H Conant chair works, once located on the site later occupied by Rochester Shoe Tree Company, made over 100 styles of furniture. Other industries include the Camden Wood Working Company and a pencil factory.

Many changes have taken place in the manufacturing in Camden during the twentieth and twenty first century. Textiles, lumbering, and canning have lost their former places of prominence in the local economy. These industries have been replaced by wire fabricating firms, various wood related industries, and a collectable stamp company.